3D Visuals

What is a 3D visual? A 3D visual is an image digitally generated using a computer with a photographic or illustrative end result. The 3D model is based on CAD data and is provided with light, materials and cameras. These models are “rendered” into an image through an intensive computational process.

But what is a good 3d visual? A good 3d visual should convey a clear image, message or feeling at a glance, with the goal of creating interest and curiosity.

But when do you use a visual?
When products are not yet available because, for example, they have not yet been produced, a product visual based on CAD data can help. This allows you to create marketing content at an early stage, and drive the project better.

Another reason may be that you want to show something of the product that simply cannot be captured with photography. Perhaps you want to visualize the inside by making the product transparent. The possibilities are endless.

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