Our software

Because our tools are of utmost importance, we continually invest in hardware and software. Our small productions are rendered in the studio. Large productions are rendered externally on a render farm. Our regular supplier is Rebusfarm in Germany.
Our render jobs are rendered on 2,150 computers with a total capacity of 92.3600.00 GHz. A 3D animation is then rendered in a few hours instead of weeks. Nevertheless, many studios still render with their own render farms. This is often cheaper, but not as fast.

For precise CAD drawings, we use Rhino 3D. A strong yet simple CAD program. This software program has also helped us for many years to convert CAD data from professional CADCAM environments, such as SolidWorks and Pro/Engineer. For all our 3d animations and visualizations we use the latest versions of 3ds studio max in combination with Vray and Zbrush for all sculpting work. For all other editing and post-production work we use Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Fusion and Davinci Resolve. Below is an overview of all the software programs we use in the studio: