IVORM is a full service animation studio and has been providing creative animations, visualizations and digital visual effects for film, advertising and television for over 24 years.

IVORM works globally with a team of advertising/communication agencies, film production companies, copywriters, photographers and sound designers. With this we offer a complete solution for our clients. This website gives a small impression of our animation and visualization work. Our range of productions is larger than what we can show on the website. Due to various confidentiality clauses, we are not allowed to show all our realized productions. For all our other conditions I refer you to our general conditions link .

IVORM was founded in 2001 by Leslie van Berkel. He received education in advertising and presentation from St. Lucas (Boxtel), followed by an education in Industrial Design at the Design Academy (Eindhoven). After completing this, he worked for 1.5 years at Vekoma as a theme/attraction ride designer. Leslie then took the step to continue on his own. He now has more than 24 years of experience in 2D and 3D animation.

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